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Squarefield acted as exclusive financial advisor to Menken Orlando on the acquisition of Maître’s sachets business

Our client Menken Orlando, a leading international developer and supplier of innovative food concepts for retail and foodservice customers successfully acquired the sachets business of Maître (or the “Company”), a portfolio company of Nobel Capital, a Dutch investment company.

The sachets business of Maître is an offering of a.o., crunched nuts, pine nuts, crunchy croutons and dried fruit and will complement Menken Orlando’s broad assortment of culinary enrichments. The flexibility in packaging options fits perfectly in Menken Orlando’s service to cooperate with its customers and provide innovative food concepts.

The acquisition is in line with the increasing appetite for convenience options within the wider food and ready meals market and the end consumer’s demand for a healthy and tasty assortment.
Royal Buisman was acquired in 2016 by Prinsen Berning, a group that is ultimately controlled by Bencis Capital Partners. While the coffee powder business of Royal Buisman was integrated within the group, the natural caramelised ingredients production stayed in Zwartsluis as an independent subsidiary. Since the focus of the group shifted to the B2B active nutrition segment, Prinsen Berning decided to sell Royal Buisman.

With the acquisition, Nactarome further broadens its product assortment of natural ingredients for speciality products. Furthermore, the company strengthens its customer base with blue-chip food and beverage companies, who are primarily based in Europe. Royal Buisman and Nactarome envisage strong collaborative opportunities in several end-markets as well as diversifying the customer base of the Company. Nactarome has a strong foothold in Asian markets, that Royal Buisman could benefit from.

The sale of Royal Buisman was overseen by Squarefield, a Food & Agri focused corporate finance advisor with offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Antwerp.

Menken Orlando

Menken Orlando is an internationally-operating, family-run company with a long tradition and is headquartered in Voorburg, the Netherlands. Menken Orlando develops and supplies innovative food concepts for retail and foodservice customers throughout Europe. These food concepts are composed of Asian snacks, chocolate (coated), snack & nuts mixes or other culinary enrichments, such as nuts sachets, and can be supplied as a private label or as part of a Menken Orlando’s brand. Menken Orlando’ services and concepts are aimed at enriching food & drinks, by giving an extra touch any time during consumption.


Maître is headquartered in Oude Tonge, the Netherlands and is a leading and innovative producer of fresh, non-pasteurised ready meals and salad toppings to retail and foodservice customers in the Netherlands. In addition, Maître is specialised in tailor-made packaging of salad enhancers with croutons, nuts and seeds. Maître is on top of the latest health and convenience developments, two trends fully embedded in its assortment. Maître operates its own in-house professional kitchen and is in control of further distribution.