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Klaas Puul

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Squarefield supported Klaas Puul on its refinancing

In the spring of 2021, our client Klaas Puul refinanced its existing debt facilities with a syndicate of two Dutch banks. The refinancing replaced the older buy-out financing at Klaas Puul following the acquisition by Alan Dale, the CEO of UK-based Sykes Seafood.

The refinancing will allow Klaas Puul to continue its impressive growth path since the acquisition with the full support of its financiers. The syndicate has placed its confidence in the (new) management and strategy of the company.

Squarefield has been involved with Klaas Puul for over five years and the refinancing underpins our commitment to fostering long-term relations with our clients. Squarefield is fully committed to supporting Klaas Puul and Sykes in the coming years.

Klaas Puul

Klaas Puul is a European leader in the processing of North Sea shrimps, Tropical shrimps and other seafood. The company is based in Volendam, the Netherlands and has activities across Europe and Morocco.