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Squarefield's client Bracamonte Covenient Kitchen has acquired a strategic participation in StarCuisine

On June 30, 2021, our client Bracamonte Convenient Kitchen (“BCK”) acquired a strategic participation in StarCuisine (or the “Company”).

BCK, located in Weesp the Netherlands, is a specialist in ‘food-to-go’ and StarCuisine, located in Rijswijk the Netherlands, is a producer of ready meals. The acquisition enables both companies to offer improved customer solutions and strengthens each other in the convenience market.

BCK and StarCuisine will continue to operate independently but have the ambition to jointly develop new products, techniques and sales channels in both retail and food service. It is the ambition of BCK and StarCuisine to further affirm that convenience products can be tasty and healthy at the same time, thus enabling their respective customers to stay at the forefront of better and broader convenience solutions

“We have noticed that our customers have an increasing need for more diverse solutions. In order to be able to support our relations even better, we looked for a way to realise this.”

Fernand Molenschot – Commercial & Culinary Director StarCuisine

“Together with BCK and Sushi Ran, we can even better achieve our ambitions to become the best meal producer in Western Europe. Both our products and our culture are perfectly compatible with each other.”

Lart Braaksma – Operational & Finance Director StarCuisine

“I am pleased that we have found a new partner who acts according to the same family values and respects our cooperation with employees, business relations and partners. We have the same appreciation for taste and authentic preparation methods. The chefs of StarCuisine, BCK and Sushi Ran are eager to offer an innovative and diverse product range. BCK has the ambition to make all eating moments better and more special. This is done with ‘fast good food’ such as sandwiches, wraps, yoghurts, salads, and our sushi from Sushi Ran’s Japasian kitchen. We see many opportunities to strengthen and grow our ambition with ‘chef worthy’ meals from StarCuisine.”

Sandrijn Poortman – CEO BCK
Our client’s view on Squarefield’s role in this transaction:

“The renewed cooperation with Squarefield has worked well for us. They understand the priorities of BCK and the family behind it and due to previous experiences they manage the day-to-day issues of due diligence as if they are part of our company.”

Sandrijn Poortman – CEO BCK